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Professional quality podcast studios and podcast services.

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How do I make an appointment?

Making an appointment online is the easiest way.  Just click on the "book appointment" tab at the top of the page, pick the studio you wish to reserve and select a date and time.  You are also more than welcome to call us at  ‪(972) 292-8599‬ and we can book it for you! 


Just click on the "pricing" tab at the top of the page and view our reasonable pricing options for studio time and/or other services we offer.

How can I start my podcast?

Not only do we offer broadcast quality professional studios, but we are experts in launching your podcasts.  After you have a recorded podcast we will help you set up your podcast with major outlets like I-tunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify. 

How long will it take my podcast to be posted online?

After you record your podcast...we can assist in getting your podcast online the same day on certain platforms (Spotify and Soundcloud).  Some podcasting platforms like I-Tunes can take up to a week. 

I would like a logo or custom intro for my podcast, how do I get started?

Feel free to contact us at  ‪(972) 292-8599‬, we will explain the process.  It usually takes 24 hours or less. 

Do you offer video recording services for your podcast? Live streaming?

Yes!  We will have the capability to video record your podcast.  Your HQ video will have crystal clear audio from our mixing board to add to your YouTube or Vimeo channel.  You can also livestream your video!  Go live on Facebook, Youtube or more for no extra charge!  

How quickly will I receive my audio/video files after my recording session?

You will leave with your audio/video file after you record with us.  If you would like additional video finishing services, your will receive your file within hours. 

Can I add a guest via phone or Skype?

Yes.  We have the capability to add a phone and even a video Skype guest if needed. 


What if I have already have a podcast?

Perfect!  We provide amazing studios with the latest podcast production equipment to help take you to the next level.  You can add phone calls, music, sound effects and more.  Plus our professional studios are a great place for you to now add guests.  

What makes Podcast Suites different from other studios?

We specialize in studios designed SPECIFICALLY for podcasting.  Unlike many studios that re-purpose their music production studios and commercial production studios for podcasters.  We are also staffed by broadcasting and production professionals with decades of experience.  

Do I pay for my booking online?

No...when you arrive for your pre-booked appointment, we will take your payment.  

What happens if I have to cancel my appoinment?

Please kindly give us a call at  ‪(972) 292-8599‬ at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled arrival time. 

How early should I arrive before my appointment

If it is your first time using our studios, we suggest arriving about 30 minutes before your appointment time.  This will give us time to discuss the studios, equipment and answer any questions prior to beginning.  If you have used our studios before, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. 

I have other questions?

Just call us  ‪(972) 292-8599‬  or email us and we can assist.  We look forward to hearing from you!